RiverviewHistoryProject siteBased upon the Bi-Centennial Project created by the Riverview Historical Association (RHA), this portal details the book created by the Association, in its entirety. 

Expanding upon that work, our sister site - Addendum includes the entire selection of files deposited by the Association to the Riverview Public Library in order to allow for online access to the complete repository.

It includes historical, genealogical, and architectural resources to provide a broad, inclusive, indepth study of the past history of the area - Bridgedale, Gunningsville and Riverview Heights - in order to document the Town of Riverview, New Brunswick.

This project could not have been developed without the permission of the Riverview Public Library with whom the RHA Archive is deposited.  Many thanks to Library Director Lynn Cormier and RPL Staff for their assistance and encouragement.   To submit information, please contact, Valerie Brideau - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In September 1983, the Riverview Town Council appointed Mr. T.H. Prescott and Mrs. Shirley McConnell to act as joint chairpersons of the Riverview Bicentennial Committee. This Committee, which included Jere McCabe, Brenda Prescott, Shirley Margeson and Barbara Delahunt, was given the responsibility of organizing and implementing all aspects of Bicentennial celebrations in Riverview in conjunction with New Brunswick's Bicentennial celebrations.

One of the projects proposed by the Bicentennial Committee was a history of the area and a record of the orderly development of the Villages of Bridgedale, Gunningsville and Riverview Heights, which led to the development of what is now the Town of Riverview.

A group of senior citizens, headed by Helen Renouf, a long-time resident of Riverview, and a writer herself, made application to the Federal Department of Health and Welfare through their New Horizons Programme for financial assistance to conduct interviews, assemble data and prepare for publication.

Financial assistance was approved by New Horizons as requested, making the project possible, for which the residents of Riverview are most grateful.

The Riverview Historical Association was fortunate in acquiring the assistance of Alexander Pincombe, a prominent New Brunswick historian, to organize the data which has been collected and edit the manuscripts for publication.  To Mr. Pincombe we owe our gratitude for the very valuable contribution he has made to this work. 

Many of the documents, photographs, plans and information from which this book was written, has been placed in the Riverview Library for safe-keeping and future reference. 


Editor's Note:

It has been a privilege to serve as editor of this book.  The Riverview Historical Association has made a very serious effort to provide a concise account of the development of the three communities which became the Town of Riverview, together with a broad picture of the many features and activities of the area, past and present.  Our readers are encouraged to use the Bibliography and the Archives of the Association, which are located in the Riverview Public Library, for further information and study.  It is my earnest hope this history will become a source of pride and knowledge for old and young alike.

I wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the assistance of Betty Savoie and Debbie Rinzler in the preparation of the manuscript, Mona Scott for revision to the text and Ruth Ambrose for photocopies.  I am most grateful to Helen Renouf without whose constant support this book could not have been completed.

C. Alexander Pincombe
September 12, 1986