By Rev. Raymond M. Short

In Riverview, about two miles above the causeway, there are two brooks. The east brook is Gray's Creek and the second about one quarter miles farther west is Gray's Brook. Around these two valleys is a picturesque section of Riverview, and between these two brooks, is an historic piece of land.

In the year 1788, a baby was born to a Collier family in England and his parents named him John. When John was about sixteen years of age, he joined the British Navy and served in a number of naval battles under the command of Admiral Lord Nelson. About 1810 his ship anchored near Alma in Albert County and John Collier decided to stay in Albert Count. (Part of Westmorland County until 1845).

In 1813 he married Elizabeth Wade, a woman born in 1785 in what is now the Albert county area, and established their home in what is now the Riverview area, including the area between Gray's Creek and Gray's Brook. He built a log cabin close to Gray's Creek, likely on the south side of the Creek where there was a large flat area close to thee water, and there their eight children were born, four boys and four girls. 

In 1819 John Collier, Robert Harrison and Jacob Trites sent a petition to the Office at Fredericton requesting that they be granted a large parcel of land in that area for three farms. The Government wrote back to say that the area was a parcel of land already granted to Mr. Joseph Gray. (Joseph Gray had also been granted a large parcel of land near Hillsboro, and an island on that land became an excellent area for a cemetery that carries the name "Gray's Island Cemetery."

About 1835 John took his family and made his way up the Coverdale River to Hillside. They built a log cabin on the north side of the river, there was a large mountain as part of his property, and so was named Collier Mountain. Joseph F.B. Collier, John's son built a house near by on the main road. He married Charity Colpitts and had ten children. Joseph's son, A. Joseph Collier, married Mabel O. Steeves and had seven children.

In 1912 Joseph and Mabel and family decided to move to Coverdale and where did they settle in Coverdale? You said it: on the same old farm between the two Gray brooks. Clair Collier, Joseph's son lived there until he died. Joseph's and Mabel's youngest child and only daughter was Mae Josephine Collier. In 1932 she married Rev. Raymond M. Short. They were married in the old Gunningsville Baptist Church (Riverview) by Rev. Gordon S. Beckett, uncle of the groom. They now live (1985) in Salisbury.