Builders or contractors building 25 or more homes in the present Riverview area:

Byron Dobson - founding father

Globe Developments - Eldon Godin - perhaps 400 homes - Point Park area
Jack Milton - Bridgedale area
Spencer Construction - Bill Spencer - Harvey Road, Torwood Court, etc.
Eric Legere - Henderson, Warren, etc., (believed to be in the Point Park area)
Gerry Peck - Gunningsville area
Ralph Kelly - Fairway Boulevard, Melody Lane
Bedford Buck - West Riverview, Craig Court, etc.
Albert Arsenault - Wallace Court, Grindstone, McAllister

These names were furnished by Town Planning and the names in bold type were those most prominent in the list of builders.



Rick's Flowers and Gardens

In 1971 Rick Eagles opened a flower shop beside Renton's Variety Store (presently Stoyle's).  In 1973 he moved his location to 463 Coverdale Road. Rick also started Green Thumbs Gardens in a barn behind Dixie Lee.  He sold Green Thumb Gardens and the new owner went bankrupt.  In 1980 Rick bought it back and moved both businesses to his present location at 620 Coverdale Road.


Paul's Flower Shop

Paul Dernier opened shop in 1980 and closed down in 1981.  Reason unknown for closure.


Green Thumb Gardens

Green Thumb Gardens was reopened in 1983 by Mr. Magee and was closed the same year due to owner's physical condition.



Ford's Pharmacy Limited opened in Moncton on St. George Street in 1954 and by 1961 the company felt it was time to expand.  Riverview was becoming an active, growing community which appeared to be in need of and ready to support its own drugstore.

So, Ford's Pharmacy opened its doors in August 1961.  At that time, we were located adjacent to the Parklanes Bowling Lanes, which Jackson's Supermarket adjoining on the other side.  That site saw us through until the Spring of 1970  when Atlantic Wholesalers enlarged the mall and added several businesses and Ford's moved to its present location.  Through the years the majority of our staff have been Riverview residents.  The store continues to be under the management of Wayne D. Ford, assisted by Mrs. Anne Marie Ford with a support staff for Post Office, office, stock and front shop of eight people.

The Riverview private post office boxes are located in the store as well as a busy sub post office and facilities to pay utility bills.  Ford's continues to serve greater Riverview with free delivery service and is grateful for the many years the residents of Riverview have given us their support.


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