Esso: 379 Coverdale Road, Riverview.  Manager: Frank Shannon, former Manager was Gerald Wilson (presently hospitalized). W.L. Power, January 31, 1959. Lower Coverdale; and first owner was Bob Mills.

Fina: February 7, 1959. Taken over by Petro-Canada.

Gulf: Coverdale Road.  Manager: Wayne Lutes.  It was built in 1952 and operated by British-American Oil.  It was once used as the oil distributor for all Albert County farms.  Storage tanks and a loading dock were in operation.

Northrup's Transmission Service:  637 Hillsborough Road.  Northrup's was established in 1949 by Orin Northrup.  In 1962 he sold it to his son John.  Since 1971 it has been owned and operated by Hugh Keddy.

Shell: 426 Coverdale Road.  Manager: Jerry Lawrence since 1977.  The station was built in 1959.  Shell contracted Campbell Cameron.

Texaco: 330 Coverdale Road.  Established in 1963 and converted to a self-serve in 1976.  Established 1958 or earlier.

White Rose: December 15, 1969. Auto Service & Car Wash.  Ernie Lord, Leasee: Coverdale Road and Wedgewood Avenue.

Fina: (now Petro-Canada) 194 Hillsborough Road.  Property originally owned by Chapman.  He sold land, in two parcels to G.W. Smith and G.A. Peck for $7000.  In December 1955 Canadian Petro Fina Oil Company bought both parcels.  In May 1956 the building was completed.  It became Petro-Can in May 1981.  The original two bay design has not been changed.

Irv's Fina: Irving Moller



1968 Bissett, Dr. Richard 43 Pine Glen Road
1973 Fraser, Dr. Donald 555 Coverdale Road
1970 Horseman, Dr. H.S. 43 Pine Glen Road
1973 Johnson, Dr. Harold 555 Coverdale Road
1977 Joshi, Dr. Anil 555 Coverdale Road
1973 Pelkey, Dr.  D.E. 555 Coverdale Road
1980 Rooney, Dr. J.C. 555 Coverdale Road



1983 Eros, Eva 555 Coverdale Road
1977 Fitch, William 555 Coverdale Road
1977 Forbes, Robert 555 Coverdale Road
1972 Hiltz, D.W. 555 Coverdale Road
1981 Keeling, D.N. 555 Coverdale Road
1972 Keith, D.A. 555 Coverdale Road



In the fall of 1968, Dr. James G. Purdy and Dr. Susan Tilt built an animal hospital at the corner of Trites Road and Sussex Avenue.

In 1974, Dr. Purdy sold the business to Dr. B.N.Poirier who changed the name to the Riverview Animal Hospital.  It has been serving Westmorland/Albert County are ever since, from that same building.


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