Jackson's Supermarket, which had the distinction of being not only the first full service grocery store in Riverview but also the first commercial enterprise operated on Pine Glen Road, was officially opened in December 1959.  Owned and operated by Raymond and Genevieve Jackson, the business was located in a 50' x 100' Building in what is now the Park Lane Shopping Plaza.  In addition to the Jacksons, the supermarket employed a meat manager, produce manager and three checkout clerks. Operating as an independent for the first five years, the business became affiliated in 1964 with the Save-Easy Group and in 1966 was sold by the Jacksons to Malcolm MacLeod, presently New Brunswick's Minister of Forests, Mines and Energy.

The supermarket was not the first business venture undertaken by the Jacksons in Riverview.  Moving to the Greater Moncton area from Cape Tormentine in 1951, they took over management of a corner store on Coverdale road (now the site of an Irving Station) in July of that year. The business prospered and five months later the moved to the Community Market on the corner of McClelan and Coverdale Raod.

Today the Jacksons live in semi-retirement in their home on Wedgewood Avenue, Riverview.



Nancy-J Hairdresser

In 1978 the first Nancy-J location was in a small spot in the Pizza Delight building with two operators formerly occupied by Diane Rain operating a dog grooming business. Nancy often received calls to groom 'dogs.'!

Business for Nancy-J grew rapidly in two years and they required a larger location.

In 1980 Nancy-J moved to the rear of the building in a larger salon and now a four operator salon and added services such as skin care and hair removal. Nancy-J was owned by Nancy Bird until 1984 and now Sherry Wilson is the owner.