The Riverview Arts Council
By Jere McCabe


The Riverview Arts Council was formed ten years ago in 1976, for the purpose of promoting the arts in this community and thereby enriching the lives of its citizens.  The first Chairperson and Founder was Mrs. Flora Dell, who now resides in Fredericton.

Throughout these past ten years, the Riverview Arts Council members have sought to encourage interest in the visual arts as well as music.  Scholarships have been awarded each year to Riverview High School graduates furthering their education in these fields. 

There has been an interchange of interest and ideas during these years with cultural groups in other parts of New Brunswick, and we have participated in numerous programs in the Town of Riverview by exhibiting paintings and handcrafts by our members.  Among our guest speakers and instructors we have had such well-known artists as Charles Flewelling, Lionel Strong, Molly Bobak, Jo-Ann Horton and Barbara Saffron and Alex Pincombe, historian.

We have about 65 members and our President for 1986-87 is Mr. Burt Hurd; with Vice-President, Shirley McConnell, Secretary; Brenda Prescott, Treasurer; Isobelle Bourque, Program; Peggy West, Membership; Jere McCabe, Telephone; Ada Champion; and Archivist, Doris Morrell.