Manuscript Collections

Short, Raymond M.    Riverview and the Collier Family, 1985

Smith, Albert W.     Albert County and Its History, 1906

Wallace, Isaiah.    Reverend James Wallace, 1871




a) Books

Cattley, R.E.D.   Honoris Causa.   The Associated Alumni, The University of New Brunswick.  Fredericton: Unipress, 1968. (Contains the Citation of the Honourary Degree for Hon. Claude D. Taylor, May 1955).

Harringston, Lynn and Richard.   Covered Bridges of Central and Eastern Canada. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd, 1976.

Harrison, S.L.T. ed.   Moncton Directory and Business Guide for 1911 (also a Directory for the Suburbs) Moncton: The Eastern Publishing Company, 1911.

Larracey, Edward W.  Chocolate River - A Story of the Petitcodiac River. Hantsport, Nova Scotia. Lancelot Press Ltd., 1985.

Pacifique de Valigny.   Chroniques Des Plus Anciennes Eglises de la'Acadie.  Montreal: L'Echo de Saint-Francois, 1944. (cited in the Pincombe Thesis, pg. 5).

Rayburn, Alan.  Geographical Names of New Brunswick.  Ottawa: Surveys and Mapping Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, 1975. (Quite inaccurate)

Steeves, Maimie (Wilbur).    Fundy Folklore.  The Albert County Historical Society (n.d.).

Surette, Paul.   Le Grand Petitcodiac.  Town of Dieppe, 1984.

Wright, Esther Clark.   The Petitcodiac.   Sackville: Tribune Press, 1945. (A Definitive Work)

Wright, Esther Clark.   Samphire Greens, Author, 1961.


b) Articles

Armstrong, Laurie.   "It's Come A Long Way Since '33."  The Riverview Recorder, 1980.

Bagnell, Kenneth.    "A Legacy of Excellence - Canada and Its Rhodes Scholars."   "The Review, No. 3, 1984, Imperial Oil Limited, 13-17.

Bishop, Audrey S.   "Hon. James Ryan."   The Busy East, May 1925, 97-98.

Ganong, W.F.        "Boundaries."   Monograph No 5 of the Contributions to The History of Ne Brunswick.  Transactions of The Royal Society of Canada. 2nd Series, VII (1901) Section II, 139-449.  All seven monographs are cited in the Pincombe Thesis.  Professor W.F. Ganong (1864-1941) is recognized as the greatest scholar New Brunswick ever produced.    The "Transactions" are practically encyclopedias and may be found in University Libraries or Provincial Archives.  


"A History of the Bridgedale (School District No. 5) Souvenir Program" - Opening of the new Gunningsville School, January 15, 1951, 3-10.   Booklet made available by Mr. Russell Coates.





Pincombe, C. Alexander.   "The History of Monckton Township, (ca. 1700-1875)." Unpublished Master's Thesis, the University of New Brunswick, 1969.      

This Thesis is available through inter-library loan and on microfilm at the Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa.


Williamson, Ruth.     "Population Growth Survey, Village of Riverview Heights."     A Report submitted in Biology Course 2300, Universite de Moncton, 1974.       

Text, colour snapshots, graphs and map present a study in contrast as a Town evolved from the Ryan Farm and adjoining Farms.