The Riverview Bicentennial Committee

Co-chaired by: Thomas Prescott, Shirley McConnell
Co-Secretaries: Jere McCabe, Brenda Prescott
Treasurer: Shirley McConnell
Arts & Music: Shirley Margeson
Publicity: Barbara Delahunt

The Riverview Historical Association

President: Helen Renouf
Vice-President: Woodrow Wheaton
Secretary: Brenda Prescott
Treasurer: William Blight
Membership: (Mrs) Bobby MacLeod

The Riverview Bicentennial Committee and the Riverview Historical Association wish to acknowledge, with gratitude, the assistance of the following Departmental Staffs and individuals in the preparation of this History.

Department of Municipal Affairs, Province of New Brunswick; Kenneth D. Stevens, Town Planning Commission; Riverview Town Councillors (1973 to 1986): Riverview Town Hall Staff; Marion MacDonald, Laurie Armstrong (Cooper), (Mrs.) Bobby MacLeod, Lillian Ayer, Public Archives of Nova Scotia; George E. Hamilton, Town Clerk.

[Thank you to the following] and apologies to anyone whose name was inadvertently omitted.

Jack Ayles Thelma Bailey Ann (Wilson) Banks
Linda Bernard G. Stanley Barnhill Barbara Betts
William Blight Mrs. R.W.W. Brown Rev. R.G. Campbell
Gerry Carruthers Edith Caseley Ralph Caseley
Ada Champion Russell Coates Danny Cogger
Beverly Colpitts F. Millan Copeland Mrs. Gerry DeBow
Barbara Delahunt James Delahunt Helen Diamond
Dr. Arthur Dobson Phillip Dobson Norma Dobson
Ray Drake Rev. Karl Drew Debra Eagles
Roy Ernst Lloyd Ethelston Jeanne Maddix
Liz Malone Shirley Margeson Margaret Matson
Lawrence Matthews Herb McCabe Jere McCabe
Shirley McConnell Mrs. Joanne McLean Robert Mills
Van Mills Edgar Mitton Laura Mitton
Elton Mollins Ruth Monteith Berthenia Morris
Charles Morris Edith Murray Stewart O'Connor
Alice Peters Jack Powell Dorothy Powell
Brenda Prescott Thomas Prescott Helen Renouf
Doris Rogers Rev. Raymond Short Sylvia Skeffington
Mrs. K.F. Fenwick Aubrey Fisher Philip Fotheringham
Brenda Ford Kenneth Gabbey Norma Gabbey
Elsie Gallant Carman Gaskin Ewart Gaskin
Frank Gillard Wayne Gillcash Nelda Goodwin
Ronald Gould Roberta Greene Fraser Hale
Edward Hamer Gerald Harper Duncan Harvey
Rev. Rick Hayden Glen Heighton Lois Hicks
Reta Higgs Lloyd Horton Andrew Ingram
Marion Ingram Genevieve Jackson Ray Jackson
Myrtle Jones Russell Jones Mrs. Rachel Kinnie
Corey N. Smith Deina Smith James Smith
Jessie Stannard Audrey Steeves Lena Steeves
Reginald Steeves Vera Steeves William Steeves
Ken Stratton Edward Swinamer Brian Tingley
Weldon Tingley Mrs. Stuart Trueman Ron Tubb
Beverly Tucker Elsie Washburn Rheanna Watt
Sandy Wereley James West Norma West
Peggy West William West Woodrow Wheaton
Douglas Wilbur Sherri Williams Ruth Williamson
Omar Wilmot Diana Lefebre Harry Livingstone
S.J. Lockhart Mrs. Phyllis Lord Rev. Basil Lowery
Audrey Coleman Gerald Wilson Ruth Wilson
Albert Wood Mrs. Harry Wood Rev. R.E. Yeater
Hazel Smith Mary Jean Smith