By C.A. Pincombe

Two cemeteries are located within the boundaries of Riverview.  One is immediately adjacent to the Coverdale United Church and contains the graves of many early settlers for we find such names as Briggs, Chapman, Colpittts, Gasking, Geldart, Gunning, Joney, Magee, O'Connor, Stiles, Taylor, Trites and Weldon.  There are a large number of small children buried here as infant mortality was appalling in thsoe days.

The oldest known gravestone is that John Weldon, drowned June 8, 1819, in his 33rd year.  The monument to J. Hazen Gunning (1843-1936) contains this historic note: "First settler in Gunningsville on an English land grant for whose Village was named."

The Wesleyan Union Cemetery is situated on the River side of the Coverdale Road, about one mile beyond the United Church Cemetery, just after crossing Turtle Creek.  This cemetery is enclosed by a neat white fence and is still in use.  The oldest known gravestone record that S.E. Geldart, died May 1, 1824, aged 29 years. A tragic reminder of the Saxby Gale of October 4, 1869 is recalled by the little stone erected to mark the graves of the four O'Brien children, of whom the names, Rosanna and Alexander are legible.  Four of their six children slipped from a raft while crossing the river from their threatened home.  Actually, the house remained on its foundations.  Another grave is that of James Chapman (1784-1867) whose brick residence has the date 1824 inscribed on a stone over the doorway. 

The Ryan property was located in the very heart of the Town and father and son are buried here.  Honourable James Ryan (1821-1892) and Sanford S. Ryan (1854-1933).  Also interred is the Founding Father of Riverview, Byron A. Dobson (1916-1982) and his wife, Mary E. (Mills) Dobson (19117-1983).