By Ruth Monteith and Audrey Coleman

On April 6, 1966 the new building was approved; the first sod was turned on May 15 by the minister, the Rev. Ronald Stevens. The builder was C.E. Franklin. The cornerstone was laid and dedicated by the Chignecto Presbytery chairman, the Rev. H. Higgins. On January 22, 1967 the Nave Extension and Education Centre were dedicated by the Rev. Higgins, the organist was George Campbell, and the choir directed by Mrs. Campbell. 

Families had increased by this time to 270, with a Sunday attendance of 386 and the United Church Women's Group had reached a total of 65.

Manse History: August 1950, 31 Black Street, Lakeburn; September 1951, 29 Riverside Avenue (now 125 Downey); August 1963, 602 Blythwood Avenue; and July 1971, 905 Montgomery Avenue.

St. John the Baptist Anglican Church and Riverview United Church occupied the same church building from September 1973 to December 1976, at which time the new Anglican building was completed on Woolridge Avenue. Within that period (in 1974) the name of the combined churches had been St. Paul's Anglican and United. With the departure of St. John's in December 1976, the "duplex" building became "St. Paul's United Church, Riverview."

A new organ was bought for $12,000 in 1977 and was paid for in the same year by special donations and memorials.

Ministers since 1950 were: 

1950-57: Rev. K.M. Findley
Aug. 1958-June 1963: Rev. James Hicks
July 1963 to June 1970, Rev. Ronald Stevens
July 1970 to January 1974, Rev. Bruce Roberts;
February 1974 to August 1981, Rev. Hugh Farquhar

Ministers of Christian Education were: September 1978 to June 1979: Rev. Carolyn Palmer; and March 1982, Shirley R. Childs.

The following persons have served as Organist and Choir Director: Mrs. Gwen Biggs; Mrs. Queenie MacKeigan; Ronald Crawford; Avard Newcombe; Joan Scott; George Campbell and Cheryl Steeves Campbell; Mrs. Jenny Cochrane; Mrs. Ramona Lockwood and, since 1969, Ms. Audrey Coleman.