By Hazel Smith and Barbara Betts

Before the purchase of Camp Whisong, the Guides of Albert County attended Camp Wesaldi and Camp Medley, as well as Westmorland County Camps.

In 1954 Mary Betts went to an International Camp in Waltham, Massachusetts. Miss Helen Cameron was the guider in charge of the New Brunswick Guides attending.  In 1954 Carol Clifford and Illana Bolwell were Junior Leaders at the Provincial Camp held at Camp Medley.

In 1957 Illana Bolwell was chosen to attend a camp in Switzerland. In 1957 Albert County Guides set up camp at Point Wolfe, in Fundy National Park. The Leaders were Jean MacFarlane, Jean Craik and Glenn Pauley.

In 1958 the camp was held at Herring Cove. The Leaders were Glenn Pauley, Shirley Stiles, Jean MacFarlane and Jean Craik.

In 1959 two camps were held in Fundy Park, Springbrook and Coppermine. The Leaders for Springbrook were Jean MacFarlane, Shirley Stiles, Miriam Kelly and Jean Craik. The Leaders for Camp Coppermine were Pat O'Hearn, Laura Kay and H.Hazel Smith.

In 1960 the first camp at Whisong was held. At the first winter camp at Camp Whisong the Leaders were Shirley Stiles and Hazel Smith.

In 1961 the first Pack Holiday was held at Camp Whisong. Leaders were Shirley Stiles, Dulcie Carter and Guider in charge, Hazel Smith.

In 1963 a Patrol Leaders Camp (Provincial) was held at Camp Whisong. Guider in charge was Mrs. W.R. Beatteay of Saint John, and Mrs. K.A. Smith of Riverview was Quartermaster.

In 1964 the New Brunswick Heritage was held at Wigwamageek, Sackville Division Campsite. Guides from every province, two Guides from Guides Catholique du Canada (Secteur Francais), and two Girl Scouts from Kansas, USA. Guider in charge was Mrs. W.R. Beatteay with Mrs. K.A. Smith as Quartermaster.

In 1965 the British Columbia Heritage Camp was held at their Provincial Campsite Tsoona in Chilliwack. Mrs. K.A. Smith of Riverview was Guider in charged of 19 Guides from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick during the train trip to and from British Columbia. Janet Tait of Riverview was also attended this camp.

And in 1965 Susan Champion in Riverview attended a Heritage Camp in Nova Scotia. Debbie Gray went to Quebec and Jenneth Swinamer went to Ontario. This was also the year for the sailing school which was held in Shediac. Sea Rangers from the surrounding districts attended.

In 1966 another Heritage Camp was held in New Brunswick, this time at the Fredericton campsite, Camp Chiplaquorgan.

Debbie Gray of Riverview attended a camp in Sweden in 1967.

Canada's Centennial Year (1967) was celebrated in Albert County by having a Centennial Camp at Camp Whisong. One hundred and eighty-six Guides, Rangers, Girl Scouts, attended this camp. Invited Guides were from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Saint John, Moncton, and Caraquet. A Girl Scout Troop and two Leaders from Maine were also invited. The various activities included churning butter, boiling sap to make syrup, rug hooking, and quilting. The visitors to the camp were taken on a short tour of New Brunswick. First to Fundy National Park, then on to the Rocks, to Moncton to view the Tidal Bore, then on to Magnetic Hill, then back to Whisong. Mrs. K.A. Smith was Guider in charge, Mrs. A.D. Gray was Quartermaster.

Flags being flown were the provincial flags for each province represented at this camp. The Guide World Flag, American and Canadian flags were also flown.

The National Heritage Camp was held in 1967 at Morrison and Nairne Islands in the St. Lawrence Seaway.