By Austin W. Geldart

As Secretary of Riverview Lodge No. 51 Knights of Pythias, I will try and give as much information as I can obtain. I was one of the charter members when the Lodge was formed.

The hall was purchased from Mr. Fred Litchenburg on June 23, 1948. The dedication of the building or hall was on October 16, 1948, no price was given at that time.

Riverview Lodge held their first meeting in late May 1948, the officers were installed at that time and the first official meeting was held on June 23, 1948.  Officers installed were as follows: Chancellor Commander, Fred M. Litchenburg; Vice-Chancellor, Hector Rogers; Prelate, Arthur Prosser; Master of Works, Walter Bailey; Secretary, Arthur Manning; Financial Secretary, Gerald Wilson; Treasurer, George Wilson; Master of Arms, Harold Straight; Inner Guard, Gordon Dobson; and Outer Guard, Gerald Reid.

The original members of our Order at that time were 19, namely: Gerald Wilson, Arthur Manning, Hector Rogers, Gerald Reid, Austin Geldart, Lewis Steeves, Arthur Prosser, Byron Dobson, Robert Lennox, Gordon Dobson, Sterling Downey, Walter Bailey, Fred Litchenburg, Willis Wilson, George Wilson, Harold Straight, Cerdic Downey, and Ronald Mitton. The original members who still survive are G. Wilson, Arthur Manning, Gerald Reid, Austin Geldart, Lewis Steeves, Arthur Prosser, Gordon Dobson, Ralph Downey, George Wilson, Cerdic Downey, and Ronald Mitton.

Our present list of officers of our Order is as follows: Chancellor Commander, Harry Rogers; Vice-Chancellor, Gerald Wilson; Prelate, LeBaron Stubbs; Master of Works, Joseph Mundee; Secretary, Austin Geldart; Financial Secretary, Eric Cos; Treasurer, Glen Heighton; Master of Arms, Marven Egers; Inner Guard, Joseph Brown; Outer Guard, Harry Stoyles; and Deputy Grand Chellor, thomas Bulman.

The two Knights involved in starting Riverview Lodge No. 51 Knights of Pythias were the late T.D. Jones and our own Brother Harold Straight.