By John Wolsenholme and Tom Prescott

Golf came to Moncton at the turn of the Century. Two Scots brothers, Thomas and Gib Buckam, came from the old country to work at the woolen mill at Humphreys. Both ardent golfers, they developed a course near the mill, approximately two miles from downtown Moncton.

In time, this led to other developments down through the years, one site on Mill Road near the end of the streetcar line, supported by such citizens as Dr. E.B. Chandler, Claude Price, Dr. L.H. Somers. (Dr. Chandler was present in 1908 and 1909). This club closed in 1916.

The Moncton Golf Club was started on the Salisbury Road near Jonathan Creek (Jones Lake), and was officially opened on June 16, 1906.

In 1917 the Humphreys and Moncton club members, because of the expansion of the city, and to have a more suitable site, purchased 125 acres of land in Gunningsville and commenced the construction of a new course called Riverdale.  The provisional Board of Directors included J.W. Fraser, Hon. C.W. Robinson, J.W.Y. Smith, E.W. Givan, D.A. Storey, R.P. Dickson, J.M. Knight and F.M. Dayton. The course had its formal opening on June 2, 1919.

The Moncton Golf and Country Club was formed on April 7, 1942 when the Riverdale Golf Club went into receivership.

The Club has produced many outstanding golfers and hosted many Provincial and National tournaments and championships over the years.

Great credit goes to one of the Club's original golfers, John Wolstenholme, who has written a history of golf in this area, from which this excerpt is taken.

NOTE: A detailed history of golf in the area can be found in the Riverview Historical Association Archives. [This reference material has not been found in the Archives].