By Lois Hicks

Late in the year of 1951, a group of 32 determined and dedicated people decided to form an Eastern Star Chapter in Riverview and these people became the charter members of Fidelity Chapter No. 36, Order of the Eastern Star, which was instituted on January 29, 1952 and constituted on September 25, 1952. Many more affiliated with us and in due time swelled our numbers.

Under the supervision of Lois Hicks of Havelock, our official instructress, we prospered and grew, becoming proficient in our work and as a result, have had four members go on to be grand officers of the province of New Brunswick.

We have had many homes over the years starting with the Riverview School in which we met for three years; later we met in the United Church Hall in Gunningsville for ten years until 1965. In 1965, we moved to the Bridgedale School and stayed there for 1 1/2 years, again moving to the IOOF hall on St. George Street in Moncton.

In the early fall of 1973 the Coverdale Masonic Order took steps to purchase the Anglican Church on Montgomery Avenue for a lodge hall and invited us to join them as tenants. We did, and eventually became equal owners with the Masons; then we decided the time was right to enlarge the building and s began the work to finish the present lodge to make it a credit to the Order and to the Town of Riverview.