By Doris Rogers

Saxby Temple No. 35 was a dream of the late District Deputy Grand Chief, Beatrice Hayward. it became a reality on Saturday, February 4, 1950 when it was instituted in the Knights of Pythias Hall in Riverview. The late Brother Elmer Hayward was asked to name the new temple and he chose "Saxby" after the Saxby gale which made such a lasting impression on the citizens of Moncton and Albert County. On Saturday evening, with the assistance of the Degree Staff from Rensforth Temple, Sackville, the Grand Officers initiated the charter members into the Order. Tidal Wave Moncton Degree Staff then conferred the Degrees on the Knights. Many Grand Officers were at the installation that same evening at Castle Hall, Bonaccord Street, Moncton. A large attendance of interested Sisters and Brothers were also present.

Grand Chief Margaret Smith of Hartland and the Grand Temple Officers installed the Officers of Saxby Temple in an impressive ceremony. The following officers were installed: 

Past Chief   Sister Georgie MacFarlane
Most Excellent Chief   Late Sister Beryl Straight
Excellent Senior   Marjorie Wilson
Excellent Junior   Marjorie Gilbert
Manager   Thelma Bailey
Secretary   Rita Wilson
Protector   Doris Rogers
Treasurer   Marion Wilson
Guard   Jean Taylor
Past Chiefs   Late Sister Bessie Crandall
    Late Sister Hattie Thompson
Installing Officer   Late Sister Eleanor Bailey
Pianist   Late Sister Grace Colpitts
Degree Staff Mistress   Late Sister Iva Anderson
Trustees   Sister Irene Gaskin
    Sister Pauline Colpitts
    Sister Gladys Brace
Press Correspondent   Sister Pauline Colpitts


Over the years, many changes have taken place in Saxby Temple. The losses few but the gains many. During the 36 years since institution, we have had seven District Deputies - Past Chiefs: Georgie MacFarlane, Rita Wilson, Doris Rogers, Alice Peters, Betty Dunn, Alice Currie, and Marilyn Steeves. We have also had two Past Grand Chiefs: Past Grand Chief Marion Wilson and Past Grand Chief Margaret Heighton. We also have a Past Chiefs' Club of 30 members that meet at the homes of the various sisters once a month.

Over the years our means of raising money was in the form of pancake suppers, turkey suppers, wedding receptions, donut sales, rummage sales, penny auctions, banquets, take-out dinners and many other projects, including assisting Jennie Miller Temple in catering to the Orange Lodge convention of 800 at the Moncton Stadium where we were fortunate to have the assistance of our Brother Knights on  very wet rainy day. In the year of 1959 Saxby Temple was invited to seat the Grand Temple Officers when they held their sessions in Moncton.

After many long hours of hard practice, the night finally arrived and the Sisters of Saxby came through with flying colours.

Some of the energetic Sisters of the Temple formed a bowling league and called themselves the "Saxby Sad Sacks." This team was fortunate in winning the coveted fraternal league trophy to the delight of the late Brother Elmer Hayward, the donor.

At one of our district conventions, the late Sister Bessie Crandall was made a life member. Another life membership was given to the late Sister Ethel Ogden.

Some of the musical Sisters formed a band and called themselves the "Saxby Swingers." Their first pubic performance was when Past Chief Alice Peters had her district convention. The Saxby Swingers were called upon to play at numerous occasions and were always a great success. One of the more memorable performances was the night they played at Grand Temple in Moncton. They also played at the Jubilee in Calais, Maine, and there they received a standing ovation.

We have a membership of 63 Sisters and 8 Brothers and feel that we are indeed very fortunate to belong to the Pythian Order that was formed to promote fraternal love throughout the whole world.

Church services were held in the K.P. Hall in Riverview when it was just a young community know as Riverview Heights, also all meetings and voting in elections.

Pythian Sisters through the years have donated to the various charities, including a special typewriter for the Junior High School to assist with a special reading programme for the slow readers; large donations to Dr. Robin Walker, neo-natal clinic; prizes for the Senior High School; the Salvation Army; also assisting the needy families through the year and at Christmas.