The term, Rhodes Scholar, suggests the ultimate achievement for a student. For more than eighty years, it has been the most respected academic award and is synonymous with Oxford University and its twenty-eight colleges, both medieval and modern.  Approximately 200 Canadians have received such scholarships. It is, therefore, almost unbelievable that Gunningsville and Riverview have each produced a scholar within a quarter century. The Riverview Historical Association is honoured to present a resume of their outstanding careers.



Son of Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Higgs, 194 Coverdale Road, born June 21, 1937. Attended Grades 1 to V111 in the Gunningsville School and then went to the Moncton High School, 1950-1953. He was a member of the Gunningsville Cub Pack under Miss Sue Fullerton and later the 8th Moncton Scout Troop (Central United) under the late Norman T. Phillips, then residing in Riverview. In 1953, he was chosen, from among the Queen Scouts of New Brunswick, to attend the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, an occasion he would never forget. He graduated as the class leader and Valedictorian.

Lloyd received a Beaverbrook Scholarship tenable at the University of New Brunswick from which he graduated wit Honours in Physics and Mathematics. He was selected as the Rhodes Scholar for New Brunswick in 1958 and spent three years at University College, Oxford.  He earned his Doctorate in Astro-Physics in 1961 and returned to Canada to take an appointment with the National Research Council. Dr. Higgs has been the Director of the Dominion Radio Astro-Physical Observatory in Penticton, B.C. since 1980.



Daughter of Arthur and Norma Dobson, born July 1, 1956, attended Cleveland (Frank Bowser) Elementary School and Riverview High graduating first in her class in 1973, did Honours Biology at Dalhousie and graduated with the Governor General's Medal. In 1977, was selected as one of the first group of Female Rhodes (actually the first due to Maritime selection being ahead of other areas) Scholars and earned her Doctorate at Oxford, doing work on genetic engineering with yeast. She has pursued this field in England becoming a member of the British Research establishment. She has continued her research work with yeast in Oxford and more recently has set up her laboratory in Nottingham.