By Lena Steeves

The Riverview Friendship Club was organized by Lena Steeves, October 17, 1983.  It was designed after she had worked as a Red Cross Home Maker and saw the needs of many people. This club was started in the interest of seniors, retired and lonely people, and meets at the Riverview Kinsmen Centre Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. These days are enjoyed in games, doing crafts, bowling, etc., or just spent in chatting with others and meeting new acquaintances.

This is a non-profit organization and funds are raised through craft and rummage sales, in-season festivals ticket selling and other sources, including donations from the public, for which they are grateful.

This Club also supplies a hot noon lunch to anybody who desires one for a cost of $3.00. The Club also has a "Wheels to Meals" motto, which means (if necessary) you can be picked up and taken back to your home each or any day you wish.

During the summer our recreation is a field trip once a week and chosen by one of the members, the cost being absorbed by all participating. Picnics are also a special treat, enjoyed by all during the summer bus trips; they have also enjoyed trips to Bangor and Fredericton, Prince Edward Island and Saint John. Also visited were places such as Kings Landing, Reversing Falls, Fort Beausejour, Anne of Green Gables Theatre and tours of Prince Edward Island in general, trips on the Salem-Hillsborough train, Magnetic Hill, Sackville Art Gallery and others. In the hope to meet all the seniors, retired folks and others from Riverview and Greater Moncton area this year, we can be reached by calling 386-7456. (Note: 1986)