Material supplied by Mary Jean Smith, Librarian

The Riverview Public Library opened its doors in Coverdale Square for the first time on March 18, 1978. A full time staff of three and a number of volunteers maintained approximately 15,000 volumes in 3,744 square feet of space.

The official opening took place on May 29, 1978 with Honourable Brenda Robertson, Mayor Ralph Caseley and Mrs. Lynne Hawkes, Librarian, taking part.  Tribute was paid to Mrs. Flora Dell for her zeal in promoting the necessity of such a library in Riverview. The response to the new facility was such that it was crowded from the outset and made even larger quarters necessary, when space was available.

The Library was destined to move into the Town Hall extension on June 25, 1984. Mayor David Cudmore presided at this opening. Features of this opening were addresses by Barbara Stevens, and a presentation by Jere McCabe on behalf of the Riverview Arts Council. The Board for the Library consisted of Barbara Stevens, Chairman: Norma Dobson, Vice-Chairman: Gregory Boyd, Peter Gauthier, Gordon Matthews, John Schiller and Karin Wilmot. Tribute was paid to the following volunteers: Diane Bowser, Pat Duplessis, Adele Ellis, Carol London, Bertella McIntyre, Alison Menard, Carrie Ross, Yvonne Young, Sylvia Baillargeon and Christine Baillargeon.

The Riverview Public Library is a valuable cultural asset to this growing town.