By Linda Bernard

Prior to the establishment of an RCMP Detachment in Riverview, the Town was patrolled by members of the RCMP posted with Moncton Detachment/Highway Patrol Unit.

In January 1974 the Riverview Municipal Detachment of the RCMP came into being. At that time personnel consisted of eight regular members, three clerk/dispatchers, one steno with a Sergeant in command. Personnel then worked out of the Sub/Division building on MacBeath Avenue in Moncton. Three marked police cars were utilized by members on duty with 24-hour patrols provided by regular members.

On November 28, 1975 Riverview Municipal Detachment at 391 Coverdale Road was officially opened and henceforth all operations conducted from that point. as workload and population flourished, the personnel numbers also increased resulting in the detachment's command being increased to that of a Staff/Sergeant.

In 1979 a plainsclothes position was established within the detachment and an unmarked police car added to inventory.

In the Spring of 1984 the detachment increased to a total of 15 regular members - one Staff/Sergeant, one Sergeant, two Corporals, and eleven Constables with the addition of another marked police car making a total of five police cars.

Amongst members currently posted at Riverview Municipal Detachment are eleven Breathalyzer Technicians, one member of Provincial RCMP Dive Team, two members of Moncton Sub/Division Tactical Troop an one member of the Province of New Brunswick Emergency Response Team.

Some members who were posted at Riverview Municipal Detachment during the past 10 years have left the Force and taken up other jobs in what they call the "civilian ranks." Amongst those is ex-Corporal John Clark who is presently: Director, Security for the Province of Newfoundland/Labrador.

Corporal Bob Good who was on strength at Riverview Municipal Detachment from 1974 until 1983 was transferred back to his home Province of Ontario. Others have gone on into specialized sections, such as Dog Section (Dog Master), while others have received promotions. Corporal Ford Matchim is now Inspector Ford Matchim and is posted in Ottawa, Ontario.

The RCMP in the Province of New Brunswick have for many years utilized as Auxiliary Program and at one time Riverview Detachment had 21 Auxiliary Members on strength. During the course of the years and with the establishment of the New Brunswick Highway Patrol, this number has decreased dramatically with Auxiliary Members only being used in situations involving crowd control, such as the Cocagne Regatta and affairs of an official nature.

The present establishment at Riverview Detachment consists of:

Staff/Sergeant Ronald Smith
Cpl. Clem Thivierge (acting Sergeant)
Cpl. Rollie St. Laurent
Cpl. Bob Gallup
Cst. Martin LeClair
Cst. Jacques Ouellette
Cst. Bruce Robichaud
Cst. Roger Somers
Cst. Michel Boucher
Cst. Michel Gladu
Cst. Andy Munro (posted with this Detachment on a temporary basis)
Cst. Frank deLeseleue
Cst. Gilles Plouffe
Cst. Dan Nadeau
Cst. Denise St. Pierre (presently posted with another unit on a temporary basis)

Municipal Staff:
Linda Bernard
Carol Brown
Dianne Davis
Shawnee Kyte
Vanda Mellish
Sue McKenzie