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The idea of forming a Sea Cadet Corps, was first put forward in the spring of 1983 when a number of citizens were talking about youth organizations in the town. It was realized that the Riverview did not have a Cadet Corps and young persons were having to travel to Moncton to participate in this type of activity.

Mr. Ken Stratton approached his fellow Lions who agreed that their club would be the sponsoring body. Advice was solicited from the Moncton Sea Cadets and their sponsor and formal application was made to the Navy League of Canada and the Department of Defence.

Cadets from Riverview attending the Moncton Corps were formed into the Coverdale Division and officers were recruited to carry out the local formation work.

Captain Douglas Shute was designated to be appointed as commanding officer but due to a work transfer, had to leave the area.

The Coverdale Cadets started parading as a separate until a the Coverdale Recreation Centre in September 1983 under the direction of Lt. (N) Roy Jones.

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps Coverdale was officially authorized on March 1, 1984 with Lt (N) Jones appointed as the first commanding officer. Other officers on staff at this point were Acting Sub-Lieutenant Rick Bertolin, Officer Douglas Crawford and Officer Cadet Maureen Jones. The Corps was not part of the twenty-nine until family of Sea Cadet Corps in the Maritime area and was subject to inspection and control by the Regional Cadet Staff at Maritime Command in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The officers and cadets continued to receive training locally and at summer camps in preparation for their first annual inspection in May 1985. This inspection had to be held at CFB Moncton. Commander J. Murchie, Commanding Officer of the Fleet Maintenance Group in Halifax, was the reviewing officer. The inspection was very impressive for such a young corps and they placed thirteenth out of twenty-nine corps, for proficiency.

Training continued at the Corps and at summer camps and the Corps became involved in inter-corps visit and competitions and has gained a reputation for giving a good account of themselves.

The Corps continued to grow in expertise and the second annual inspection was held in May 1986 at the Coverdale Recreation Centre with Colonel K. Carpenter, Base Commander, CFB Moncton, as reviewing officer. The Corps had a very good inspection and finished fourth overall in the Maritime area, earning the Maritime Command trophy as the most proficient Corps with a strength under forty members. This is the first time this trophy has left mainland Nova Scotia.

The staff at the present time are all Riverview residents. They are Lt. (N) Roy Jones, Sub-Lieutenant Douglas Crawford, Su-Lieutenant Maureen Jones, Officer Cadet Eugene Sherman and Civilian Instructor Donald MacKenzie. 

The Corps continues to grow and plans are under way to form a band. It will continue to meet on Thursday evenings.


While the Sea Cadets are the only cadet corps in the Town of Riverview, the young people of Riverview actively support the Air Cadets and the Air Cadets in Moncton, and have made a good name for themselves in winning scholarships, attending camps and participating in trips nationally and internationally.