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Scouting began in Riverview in 1952. Although the Lions Club is their first official sponsor, Scouting is operated under a Group Committee composed of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Chairpersons from Beavers and Cubs. (Venturers and Rovers are also the responsibility of the Scout Chairperson).

In the early years Scouts who excelled in Scouting skills, service participation in community projects, and leadership, and who were judged deserving by the Troop Scouter and "Fellow Scouts," received the Queen Scout award. In 1973 this became known as the Chief Scout Award.

Riverview has certainly been very successful in producing Chief Scouts and our community can be very proud of those who received this award and of the Troop Scouters and "Fellow Scouts" who guided them to their achievements.

Riverview Scouts have always been eager and willing to help whenever possible in community projects. When Dr. Arthur Dobson needed help in maintaining the Dobson Trail., Riverview Scouts were available. They also worked in the woods and at the Sugar Camp during maple sugar time. Recent Scout participation includes Trees for Canada planting, Green Survival, bottle drives, Christmas carol programs, placing floats in the Riverview Winter Carnival parades, Santa Claus parades, Torchlight parades, CanUsa parades, Baden-Powell Church parades, Apple Days, etc.

Some of the activities where Riverview Scouts have excelled include: International Jamborees, World Jamborees, Provincial Jamborees and Canadian Jamborees. At least one Riverview Scout will be attending the World Jamboree in Australia, Dec. 1987-January 1988.

In 1977 the 2nd Riverview Scout Troop prepared a History of Scouting in Riverview, New Brunswick, which was presented to the representatives of forty different countries who met in Montreal to prepare for the next World Jamboree in 1980. This project was completed under the watchful eye of Troop Scouter Lloyd Ethelston, who was later fondly known as Riverview's Baden-Powell of Scouting (Scouting News).

The Scouting movement in Riverview has grown from the meager beginning to nearly 450 boys and leaders. It is hoped that it will continue to flourish and that our citizens will say "Hats off to our Scouting movement."

At that time of closing we were unable to get the history of scouting in Bridgedale and Gunningsville. Troops have been active in both these areas of the Town, and we regret that they are not included in detail.