By Board of School Trustees

The opening of the new Bridgedale School District No. 5, is another step by the community toward forwarding the education of the young people. It was through the knowledge and expertise of architects, building engineer, Department of Education, contractors, co-operation of the Provincial Government and the untiring efforts of the local School Board, Trustees and citizens of the community that resulted in the final completion of a school of this nature.

The plan is similar to many four room schools in the are, including the one opened in Gunningsville in 1951. This structure replaced a one room school located across the Main Highway, erected in 1935. At one time this school accommodated Grades 1 to 8 but as the populations increased it was found necessary to have Grades 7 and 8 attend the Gunningsville School, and several years later Grades 5 and 6 as well. This was to continue through the years until the time arrived, 1954, when the one room school would only accommodate Grades 1 and 2. During the same period Gunningsville School also became overcrowded to such an extent that it was found necessary to instituted divided sessions in Bridgedale with Grades 1 and 2 attending in the morning and Grades 3,4,5 and 6 in the afternoons; Grades 7 and 8 still going to Gunningsville.

The serious situation has been remedied with the opening of the new Bridgedale School which supplies ample space, facilities and pleasant, bright surroundings for both teacher and pupil. Recreation has not been overlooked. On the five acre school property there is ample space for a baseball diamond and skating rink. Indoors the fine auditorium has been constructed with high ceiling to accommodate basketball and badminton courts.

With the erection of this building the parent participation has not been forgotten. The Home and School Association held its first meeting in the school and plans have been outlined for the Association to meet here and in Gunningsville School alternatively. Up until this time the meetings have been held in the Gunningsville School auditorium. We earnestly solicit the co-operation of all parents to take an active part in Home and School work, thereby gaining a greater knowledge of the present day system of education, especially as it applies to their child.

We know that the mental development of our children has been and will be efficiently directed, and we wish to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to our past and present teaching staffs who have co-operated with, aided and directed our young folk.

The educated youth of today becomes the better citizens of tomorrow.