By Charles and Bethenia Morris

In the course of an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Morris, much attention was paid to education and with good reason. Both Mr. and Mrs. Morris have served as teachers; she came to Riverview in 1950 to serve as the principal of the first four room school and taught here a total of twenty-eight years serving as guidance counsellor for the last seven years. He has recently retired from the Department of Business Technology of the Moncton Campus of the New Brunswick Community College.

Mr. Morris, C.G.A., served for a number of years on the Albert County School Finance Board and was its last chairman. The Board was part of the administration between the Department of Education and the thirty to sixty schools in seven parishes into which the County was divided. It produced the budget so that the teachers in the various schools received the salary due them on the provincial scale; it also accepted any supplementary budget, making sure the trustees of the district involved could provide for such extra funds. The Board programmed for equal opportunity, which came into being in 1967, and was long overdue. It did a great deal to make the opportunity for education in the country avaialble on a greater scale for everybody. Albert County should be proud because it was the first county in New Brunswick to do away with the one room school.