By Albert Wood

Long before the Free Schools Act of 1871 came into force, school districts had been organized in parishes. It was intended that school districts be erected in each four mile area, so no pupil would have to walk (no buses in those days) more than two miles, either way.

The first school house in the Middle Coverdale area was located on the highway (Coverdale Road). The small white frame structure apparently was built prior to the act of 1871 as the property was conveyed to the Trustees (in 1871) Charles and Ann Trites. Trites was undoubted one of the descendants of Jacob Trites, who with seven other families  came from Pennsylvania in 1766. This one room school was converted into a residence and owned by the late Frederick W. Davies, a well know insurance adjuster.

Mr. Wood told his interviewer that he himself had attended this school, which was in use until around 1935. The next school was a two room white frame school constructed in 1947 and presently known as the Riverview Lions' Club.