Riverview High School is proud of its record of academic achievement, and it is thoroughly equipped to deal with the demands of the future. Prior to 1962, Grades 10, 11, and 12 students of Riverview Heights attended Moncton High School. In September 1962 two Grade 10 classes were included, in 1963 Grade 11 was added, in 1964 Grade 12 was added, and in June 1965 the first graduation was held. Thirty-seven students received their diplomas. In September 1967 Riverview High School was included in School District No. 15.

The former Riverview High School, which is presently the Riverview Junior High School, was originally a four-room school built in 1949, with Mrs. C.A.O. Morris as Principal.

In 1952 another four-room school was built nearby. In 1956 these two schools were joined together, with the addition of eight classrooms, gymnasium, and support facilities.

An additional four rooms were added in 1960, as well as eight more in each of 1968 and 1972.

Senior High School grades were located in this school until June, 1977 when the combined Junior High and Senior High enrollment reached 1119 students. The District No. 15 School Board decided to convert the existing building into a large Junior High School to accommodate all Junior High School students in Riverview. The Board initiated plans to erect a new Senior High School building on the Interprovincial Home Property.

Educational specifications for a new Senior High School facility to accommodate 1,200 students were submitted in November 1973. Construction began in the fall of 1977. During 1978-79 the upper floor was used for all classes while construction proceeded downstairs to completion in July 1979.

Riverview High School is located in a green area, 45 acres in size, in the centre of Riverview. The rectangular building is flanked by parking lots on the north, east, and southeast sides.