The Riverview Local Improvement District was formally created in 1953 with a Board of Commissioners headed by Mr. Ray Goodwin, who was, in turn succeeded by Mr. Willard Dernier.  Voluntary payments of Sewer Fees were not too successful.  The L.I.D. was expanded to include, in successive stages, garbage collection, street lighting and water service. 

The RHLID, as it was commonly called, served the community well and was a stepping stone to village status.  Village status, however, came as a result of a different set of circumstances, and was part of a drastic change in the administration of municipalities within the province.  It was the response of the Robichaud Government to one of the Byrne Commission's recommendations that County Councils be abolished.

Education, Health Care, Social Services, and the Administration of Justice were the four areas named by this Royal Commission in 1964 as requiring more funds, etc., than they were receiving from the various County and City Councils.  This led to the Programme of Equal Opportunity which resulted in the province handling assessments and taxation, social services, health care including hospitals, sharing administration of the schools and the abolition of the County Councils.  It is provided for the proliferation of incorporated villages in New Brunswick.

One of the last acts of the Albert County Council was to authorize formation of the Coverdale Recreation and Parks Commission for the Coverdale Parish.  Mr. Ray Drake was engaged as a full time Director in 1966.  Two years later Mr. Drake would introduce the concept of the CANUSA Games, which is discussed under that heading.