The name Riverview Heights was appropriate as the houses had reached the top of the hill, and the name was accepted in 1959 for postal services.

The village was incorporated March 1st, 1967, and the elections were held June 12, 1967, and which time Harold B. Findlay was elected as Mayor.  The Councils of the three Villages and the Town may be found in the Appendices.

In 1968 Lt. Col. Matthew H. Biggs retired as Village Clerk (he had served in a variety of posts including Secretary to the L.I.D.) on November 2nd, 1968 and was succeeded by George E. Hamilton, who is the Town Clerk today (1986). Whereas the L.I.D. had three Commissioners of whom one was Chairman (Mr. Findlay), the Village Council had five Councillors in addition to the Mayor.

In 1970 steps were taken to re-incorporate the Recreation and Parks Commission as the Tri-Village Recreation and Parks Commission, a title more indicative of a new role, but it was abolished in 1963.  Throughout the 1970s emphasis was placed upon new recreational facilities while consolidating administration and protective services.