By W.A. West, Town Hall Staff and C.A. Pincombe

The first streets laid off from the main street (Coverdale Road) all bore the prefix "River," but by 1949, it was causing so much confusion that the names were changed as follows:


RIVERSIDE WILMOT Prominent family in Albert County.
RIVERSIDE DOWNEY Prominent family in Albert County.
RIVERSIDE MCCLELAN Abner R. McClelan, Riverside, Senator 1867-1896. Lieutenant-Governor 1896-1902
RIVERSIDE CLEVELAND J.A. Cle(a)veland, Alma, County Councillor for over 50 years.
RIVERHILL MONTGOMERY Not for the famous General, rather Mrs. Roger Wright's family name.
AUDREY Mrs. Audrey (Gaskin) Steeves
BEVERLY Beverly (Bev.) Mitton
BIGGS Lt. Col. Matthew H. Biggs, Village Clerk
BLAIR Blair Steeves of Taylor and Steeves Realty
BREWSTER Prominent Albert County family, of whom Hon. Harlan Brewster became Premier of British Columbia
BYRON Bryron Dobson, the "founder" of Riverview
CANUSA The Canusa Games, a unique annual event
COLPITTS The descendants of this Yorkshire family
DEVERE Hon. Claude Devere Taylor of Taylor and Steeves Realty and Minister of Education, 1952-1960
DOBSON The "founding family," residents since 1933
EALEY Ray Ealey, active early resident of community
FATIMA Roman Catholic Shrine in Portugal. The local Parish Church is situated on this street
GASKIN One of the original landowners of the Town in the Interprovincial home area.
GRINDSTONE Grindstone Island in Shepody Bay
HAMILTON George Hamilton, longtime Town Clerk
HARVEY Harvey Parish, Harvey Bank and Harvey were prominent in the shipbuilding era of Albert County
HAWKES Landowner in Bridgedale
HEBRON A small settlement near Alma, Albert County
HENDERSON James Henderson, a land surveyor. The Henderson family arrived in Moncton (the Bend) in 1822
HILTZ Fred Hiltz was a landowner in Bridgedale
HOPEWELL Hopewell Cape was the shiretown of Albert County from 1845 to 1967. Hopewell Township was granted in 1765
IDA Mrs. Ida (Stannard) Cove, longtime teacher, died in 1983
KEEFE J.A. Keefe, well known citizen of Moncton
LUMSDEN Former settlement and family in Albert County
MANCHESTER George Manchester, well known local resident
MUNCEY Harry Muncey, one of the landowners in the Point Park area
MCALLISTER Thomas McAllister was a land surveyor from Saint John
MCCLURE Joseph McClure, father and son, prominent residents of Gunningsville
NOWLAN Thomas Nowlan had a farm opposite the Naval Station
OLD COACH ROAD This was the road before the Coverdale Road was laid off
ORIN Orin V. Northrup, prominent resident of Bridgedale
PAGE Harold Page was Byron Dobson's foreman in the Construction Company
PECK Prominent Albert County family; Jerry Peck was a developer in Gunningsville
PHILIP Formerly Elizabeth, for Mrs. Byron Dobson, and now named for her son
PRESCOTT Thomas Prescott, Regional Administrator - Air - Department of Transport, Chairman of Riverview's Bicentennial Committee
SANFORD Sanford S. Ryan, longtime County Councillor and leading citizen for many years. The Ryan property was the first property of Riverview to be developed
TRITES The Trites family came from Pennsylvania in 1977 and many descendants still live in southeastern New Brunswick
VERNON Common name in the Downey family
WALLACE An old and respected family in Albert County, Rev. James Wallace (1797-1871) lived for many years within the town limits of Riverview
WATERFALL The waterfall in the brook behind the street
WEIR Robert Weir, professional engineer
WILSON The late Gerald Wilson was an active and respected citizen
WOOLRIDGE Mr. Woolridge Wilson was the father of Gerald Wilson